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Musings on Family, Life, and Thoughts on Travel.  All the things that matter most!

Travel Thoughts?

We all have varying thoughts and ideas on travel. What works, what doesn’t, what’s coming, what we need, and what we don’t. Little tidbits from me to you. Whats your opinion?

  • When you day trip, do you pack a meal or eat out? ⁠ ⁠ Pre-Pandemic, we were all about the eat local in that town lifestyle. Just a hop on Google Maps and find someplace local to that town to eat at.

  • One of the most significant discussions in travel is the ability to travel to the unknown. More specifically, the topic of space tourism.   As a people, we have always been fascinated with being the first, with discovering new lands and places

  • I used to think packing cubes - those little individual zippered flexible containers for your suitcase - were the most useless waste of money designed to lure us in. Then I tried them, and well, I will never look back. This

  • What is the best way to remember all the fun you had while on vacation? Usually, I find myself wandering into a gift shop and buying a super fun souvenir with the name of the place displayed about it. The

  • The notion of traveling with kids is its own adventure long before you ever reach your destination. Between the need for snacks, bathroom breaks, and the classic, I'm bored, it takes a little thought to ensure the kids are ok

Life and Writings

Nothing Matters more than the people that you share your life with everyday. These are stories of fun we’ve had, reflections on times past, writings on such, and more!

  • Fall in the midwest means that cold weather is coming at a rapid speed. It means breaking out the sweaters, boots, and all those fuzzy socks as we embrace the change in seasons.   Also, fall means we're embarking on a time

  • The shortest paragraph brought me back across the struggle that has plagued me for so many years. The thing that scares me the most is what I chose for myself. It wasn’t until I was sitting in mommy’s living room chair

  • As a kid, I loved the freedom that riding my bike provided me. Easily I could hop on the warm seat atop cold steel, strap on my helmet, and jet off to wherever my heart led me. It was just

  • I haven't written in over a week. Let me say that one more time, I haven't written for over a week. The reality is that this is because I have spent so much time telling myself that I'm not afraid

  • I am your lighthouse A beacon welcoming you home Always a rescue Promising a shore of comfort away from the turbulence endured before I am your lighthouse Waiting with open arms Ready to engulf you into a love you’ve nearly forgotten. I am your lighthouse All night I