Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

“Somewhere in a galaxy far far away.”

Now that we have Galaxy’s Edge, there are a few highlight points you want to be sure to hit on your own Disney trip.

Droid Depot

There are a couple of ultimate souvenirs in Galaxy’s Edge. The coveted lightsabers and building a droid. We could not agree on the need to buy three lightsabers, so instead, we took advantage of making an R series and a BB series Droid. After all, what’s the fun in Droid racing if you don’t have two. Let me tell you; these are STILL prized souvenirs. We drive them around the house, make them “talk” to each other, and at family get-togethers, they are the first thing the kids gravitate to. In the land, they talk to the surrounding Droids as you carry them, which is rather cool. Love our R2 Clemintine and BB Purple!

Photo Pass Opportunities

This land had some FANTASTIC Photo Pass options. Check out the 360 Bantuu image shot as well as the zoomed out shot in the marketplace. If your in it for a good time and getting your money worth trust me, you’ll want to hunt these down.

Millennium Falcon Smuggler Run

Ok, I know I’m never going to hear the end of it for putting this out there in the universe, but this wasn’t the best ride to me. Don’t get me wrong the theming is pure perfection. As far as the ride itself, there was something I missed out on, just unsure as to what. We enjoyed Star Tours more. That being said, when we rode, no one in our party got the opportunity to be a pilot leaving us as gunners. The action sequence and graphics were nothing short of AMAZING, just the ride itself didn’t do it for me. What do you think? Smugglers Run or Star Tours? Hit me up on Instagram @carryonbritt and let me know!


Pack a couple of small collapsible Duffel bags if you’re going to be purchasing Droids. We did not buy the Droid case, and the boxes they come in are rather large. The problem of how do we keep them safe was solved by placing the Droids in their boxes directly into the duffel bags and carrying them on the plane. We checked all of our hard suitcased coming home, and everything made it safe and secure!

I have Yet to ride Rise of the Resistance so no spoilers!!!!