Grand Rapids, MI

Dream Grand and Go Small

Grand Rapids is not a huge city, but it is full of inspiration and curiosity around every corner. Coined Beer City USA, unique breweries and fantastic food options are found everywhere. More into arts and culture? Catch a show at the Civic Theater or visit the Grand Rapids Public Museum featuring a fully restored 1928 Spillman Carousel. Want to connect with nature? Head on over to Millenium Park, complete with bike trails and a beach right on the outskirts of the city. Dream a little and experience the perks of going, Grand.

Where to Stay

Hands down, my favorite hotel in Grand Rapids also happens to be the most historic, the Amway Grand Plaza. It’s a perfect mixture of old and new. Sitting on the riverfront styled between a modern 1920’sflare and a soaring glass tower, you can enjoy downtown views or the Grand River. With a spa, a pool, two hot tubs, and 5, yes, 5 restaurants inside, it puts other hotels to shame. The foyer alone is a breathtaking representation of an upscale time gone by. A stay here brings all the magic of the city to your fingertips.

See the Amway Here

Even if you aren’t feeling the Amway, there are many other honorable mentions downtown, including:


For Families

Arguably Grand Rapids is one of the easiest cities to visit as a family. It’s pretty safe, and kids can be kids. Encourages to see, do and touch around every corner. Having a child diagnosed with sensory processing disorder in this city, everything we’ve done caters to the ability to be fully immersed in what there is to offer. From spontaneous water fountains to museums with exhibits designed to touch, you’ll find something for even the littlest adventurer to enjoy.

Places to see:


Arts and Culture

Looking for a slightly more refined outing?

The Grand Rapids Civic Theater offers a beautiful venue with a fantastic show of many relatable productions.

More into art pieces? The Grand Rapids Museum of Art is both stunningly visual outside and provides a collection of Renaissance to Modern Art alongside a bevy of rotating exhibitions inside. Always new, ever-changing.




Known as Beer City USA, no one talks about the food at the breweries. Offering much more than just your typical alcohol and bread, Grand Rapids breweries are fantastic places to hang out and find some warmth in the foods that fill your belly outside of the cold.

We frequent:

Perrin Brewing Company – Get the O.D.B or the Grilled Goat Yummm

Butcher’s Union – Everything. Is. Fantastic.

HopCat – The best fries you will EVER eat!


In Conclusion, in any season, any interest, you should visit Grand Rapids in any way you can.

The idea of the extraordinary happening in the context of the ordinary is what’s fascinating to me.

~ Chris van Allsburg