Chicago, IL

Back to Basics

We have been struggling with our usual “getaway whenever we can” mentality with the pandemic situation. It feels like work never ends, and we’re barely coming up for air these days. ⁠

Then came Valentine’s Day weekend. I could have bought him a gift, but that’s not what either of us needed. So instead, I loaded us up with masks, sanitizer, and tons of immunity booster, and we left the state of Michigan. To clarify, we have only left one time since the end of 2019, and as much as I love the home I chose, there’s a great big world out there. So we went to the home I came from… Chicago! It’s always fun to go back and show my Grand Rapids born and raised husband around! A place full of culture, diversity, and a history spanning far beyond what we see in glimmering skyscrapers today. Ready to explore, to learn, to feel what this city has to offer. This is my #Only1Chicago.

Where I stayed

The Silversmith Hotel is a little boutique hidden gem on Jewelers Row in the Loop. Located at 10 South Wabash, the train looming in front, this unassuming hotel was constructed in 1897 by Peter J. Weber to house jewelers and silver artisans. The location boasted a central court that offered great natural light and ventilation needed to create jewelry. Listed on the National List of Historic Places, all the old charm remains in this 4-star accommodation.


The Cloud Millenium Park

Spots To Visit

Although this list will expand as time goes on, let’s start with what we did most recently! Check it out for yourself and you’re in for a GREAT weekend getaway—just a little change of pace to spice up the monotony of home. 

Pro-Tip: Bring GOOD walking shoes. Yes, you can always call an Uber or a cab or use public transport, but you miss the fun of the city in a car. Cute is a thing, functional is better; your feet will thank you!



Brunch At Beatrix River North

When you think of Chicago, chances are you think of Deep Dish pizza. Truth be told, it’s a beautiful thing when you get it from the right restaurant, but that’s not what I tend to go for immediately. A blend of flavors await in the windy city, and I’m here for it, from brunch to a fancy dinner in an unexpected place.


Chicago is the resilient underdog of all cities (I’m looking at you, Cubbies). Be part of the narrative. Although I’ll never move back to Chicago, it’s still a place that feels like home, and I love to visit every chance I can.