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When you day trip, do you pack a meal or eat out? ⁠

Pre-Pandemic, we were all about the eat local in that town lifestyle. Just a hop on Google Maps and find someplace local to that town to eat at. Don’t get me wrong small businesses need the support, and if you can, you should, but chances are more than one meal will be had on an all-day road trip. We’ve gotten into the habit of packing a meal to go. It’s cheaper, usually a bit healthier, and it allows for a quick snack throughout the day without detouring the plan. ⁠Although admittedly, it can also be one more thing to do when we’re eager to be on the go. I’ve found that simple checklists help me get through these moments of “I don’t want to” to reach the result I’m looking forward to.

How to do it

It’s simple, choose one main course, two fruit or veggie sides, and two grains, then add a calorie-free beverage. Notice I specifically add calorie-free drinks when we’re en route to go someplace. This is because I don’t believe in drinking your calories mindlessly, even more so because you’re going to want something that thoroughly quenches your thirst! Kombucha is on my list, but we typically stick to the brand Remedy’s organic varieties. Pack it all up in your favorite cooler bag with an ice pack, and your good to go! The question becomes what to pack, so I created a handy freebie to download full of healthy packed ideas feautured below!


In the end…

It takes a little planning but keeps away the “I’m hungry” stops along the way. Also, financially, it keeps the spontaneous trip costs to a minimum! ⁠



Want a Printable Copy? Snag yours HERE!


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