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Leaving a Legacy

What do you want your legacy to be? A question that starts at the forefront of my mind when I’m laying awake in bed unable to sleep. What do I want to leave behind for the next generation? Am I consciously making strides to move towards that goal? Who will I be remembered as? Does any of what I’m doing help to get me there? Browsing through our growing travel reference material this small park appeared. I figured why not see the legacy of some famous local sculptures for inspiration. The Michigan Legacy Art Park did not disappoint.

Set behind the Crystal Mountain golf course this gem looks like nothing, but really is something to see. There are dozens of sculptures in the wooded area that makes up the 2 mile trail. All massive in size, or experience, as well as Story stones with quotes and small stories engraved on them. This park in it’s 25 years brings to life a history of Michigan in a manor I wouldn’t have imagined.

Costs of Travel

How you pay for your time in the park is something I have never seen before! The Michigan Legacy Art Park uses Dip Jar which is a small electronic device located in a hutch in the front of the park where you “dip” your credit card in, and it automatically charges $5. It is hands down the simplest most touch-free method of payment I’ve seen! Also, note that although it states a $5 entry fee on the website, it’s a requested $5 donation for upkeep in the park itself. It’s worth the money for sure as we were there for hours.

Things to Consider

I will say wear good study gym shoes or hiking shoes because your in the woods. Paths are not paved and the art is placed in a manner in which it honors nature as opposed to changing it, so dress accordingly. I loved hiking around the ridges anxiously awaiting what masterpiece I would stumble upon next. It both left me challenged and inspired to pursue the dreams I harbor onto. Note that it is a challenge, though. Hills are steep and should be considered, especially with elderly or young children in need of a stroller. Also, we didn’t notice the bathrooms in the park. There were a couple of port-a-johns near the entrance, but otherwise, we didn’t see any restrooms. The park does sit against a golf course on one side, so in a pinch!


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