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One of the great things about traveling is learning the history behind where you’re going. Country Dairy stands true. A dairy farm a short distance (about 30 minutes) from home that has been around for over 100 years and is still owned by the same family four generations later. The entire operation contains nothing but history.

Although this excursion didn’t allow us to tour the farm, we were able to take a moment to appreciate the grounds and what this family has put together. Now don’t make a mistake; this is no small operation. Country Dairy in New Era is a farm, tours, a market, and a cafe. On our recent visit, we were only able to enjoy the market and cafe as the other areas are closed due to the pandemic. However, we were not let down.

Market and Cafe

The market & cafe (they are adjoined) had everything from ground beef fresh from the cows they raised to cheeses to ice cream all made right there. It’s as pure a grocery as you can get. We enjoyed picking up some spare ribs to cook, a couple of 1/2 gallons of ice cream, and lunch! The burgers are delicious, coming served with a pickle spear, chips, and yummy cheese curds. Also, I sincerely appreciate how moderately priced everything is. Standing in the building is even a treat as there are pieces labeled above the registers explaining what each part of farm equipment is for in the process—providing a small bit of education while you wait in line. Everyone is super friendly, professional, and knows their stuff. Country Dairy makes for a super fun, inexpensive local easy family outing!

Country Dairy is located in New Era, Michigan

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