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Have you ever seen the Home Edit on Netflix?

It’s a show for my breed of human. Organizing and labeling, along with a substantial quarterly purge, have been regular undertakings in our home since the day I moved out on my own. So when I heard about the Home Edit, I had to pick up a copy of my own. (Thanks curbside pickup @target. My hubs is eternally grateful)

I’m one of those, I will dream about how messy an area of the house is and wake up in a bad mood about it, people. Heaven forbid, there’s a strange smell in my house. That’s a tell-tell sign that I’m either sick or not home because there’s nothing I hate more than a stinky place. Joanna and Clea get it. Organizing everything from junk drawers to celebrity closets, they have it down to a science. The books themselves are a beautiful representation of what drives them, passion. Filled with tips, tricks, and the baby steps behind them, they’ll help you begin to streamline every aspect of your life.

I even had to give color-coding my cell phone a try. Truth is… it’s WAY easier to find things when they are in Rainbow Order! This is not a lie, tried, and tested! I swear give it a shot, life-altering!

The Reads

The Home Edit book is organized by order of difficulty in each room. Highlighting Editing’s processes – time to get rid of stuff, Grouping – what goes together for this area, and Contain – put it all together and arrange it, so it functions well for you. Then it goes on to showcase room by room photos with brief descriptions of the why behind the wow.

Home Edit Life is a bit different, as it’s still about organizing but dedicated to more than just a room. It’s all about the details of life and how putting them together in a system helps the day to day go a lot smoother.


The pair are a dynamic combo, just like their authors, that inspires you to tackle what it means to get your act together and home in order truly. These would make a killer holiday gift for that friend who always loses her keys and can’t find anything to wear!

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