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I used to think packing cubes – those little individual zippered flexible containers for your suitcase – were the most useless waste of money designed to lure us in. Then I tried them, and well, I will never look back.

This cube right here has five outfits (shirt and pants, even a jean jacket) in it, and it’s cold out you’ll we’re talking 40s, so sweaters are a MUST! Sweaters take up a tremendous amount of suitcase space, so file folding in a cube means I can fit an entire week’s worth of clothes, pj’s, shoes, and toiletries in a carry-on. With the holiday season around the corner, family calls and packing concisely is a necessity.

First things first, what is file folding?

Think about a filing cabinet with lots of folders all lined up and the tabs facing towards you in a neat row so you can see everything. That’s the same idea when one is file folding. It’s also a method used in the KonMari method. Although I don’t abide by or agree with everything she has to say, this way of folding clothes is golden, especially when packing for a long trip.

I add a little help by using my folding board (check it out here) to make the rectangles all the same size, then fold them in half once more. (Side note: this started as an enjoyable way to teach my daughter how to fold her clothes, and now we all use it all the time. A truly frivolous, but well worth it $19 investment!)

Once everything is folded, you can line up your folds in the cube rounded part facing up and zip!

Ok, Got it, but what cubes are the best?

Well, that, my friend, is really up to you. I’ve tried a couple of different ones from Samsonite and on Amazon. and truthfully, they both work well for us. It’s just a matter of making sure the set you get fits in your luggage accordingly. I would get more than one size as well as there are a couple of systems we use to accommodate each family member.


Our clothes (my husband and I) are organized in the cube by the outfit. So pants then shirt alternating to fill the cube. Once one is full, we’re on to the next. My daughter, however, uses smaller cubes and organizes hers by the complete outfit. So in one cube, she has a shirt, pants, underwear, and any accessories that go with that look. Then, of course, we leave room on the sides of the suitcase for shoes. This makes getting dressed while out of town so much easier for her. It’s all laid out, just a matter of picking the look of the day.

However, you make it work for your next trip. I will say Packing cubes are highly recommended!

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