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“On All Hallow’s Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin shall summon us from under the ground.”

We all know and love the movie Hocus Pocus, where a silly virgin boy lights the black flame candle bringing the witches back to take the lives of children to gain immortality, but have you read the book?

I just finished the first of the two-book series (yes 2), and although the first one is dedicated to the story we all know, some parts hit me a little differently. The imagery is fantastic throughout the novel, yet there was an unexpected tenderness in what the Sanderson sister’s mother gave them, which is not expressed in the film. Winifred loved her mother. She loved what she felt her mother gave to the world and her sisters. The reasoning behind her sort of “leading the pack” was not just because she was the oldest, but because she wanted to be the most like her mom. I look up to my mother in so many ways, and I understood. It’s these little nuances that make the book one worth reading.

Similarly, there are some beautiful character profile moments when discussing Max Dennison. In the movie, Max appears to be a slightly arrogant teenager going through an exaggerated version of teenage angst. Through those changes, you don’t see the tenderness he has in his heart. However, in the book, that tenderness is on display, the true love that he has for Dani, although never really admitting it. Did you know he walked Dani to school every day so that she wouldn’t have to ride the bus feeling lonely? That alone shows a side of Max that we don’t get in the movie.

Furthermore, without giving all the spoilers, Jay had a conscience. There is a layer to him that we didn’t get to see. When the Sanderson Sisters captured him, he thought back on all the things he had done wrong, and truthfully, he felt terrible because he understood the work that went into a small business, being that his parents owned one. Even more so, the toilet paper scene, where they are vandalizing the town seemingly, nope! That’s Jay’s house, boredom, with a conscious.

All in all, since the book was written after the movie commemorating the 25th anniversary of this Halloween classic, it did not disappoint. Truthfully, reading these little backstories made me a bit more of a fan! Onward to book 2!


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