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What is the best way to remember all the fun you had while on vacation? Usually, I find myself wandering into a gift shop and buying a super fun souvenir with the name of the place displayed about it. The issue is, what do I do with it when I get home. Too many “cool things” have ended up in the trashcan or a box never to be used again. For a while, I thought about doing a gallery wall in our home of art from our travels, fun, not going to end in a box but also, we often travel. That’s a lot of pictures. So we scaled back and instead invested in this hand made pinboard. Every time we go someplace new, we buy a pin from that location. They are generally simple to find and play off the retro cottage kind of look in our kitchen. Even more so, this specific pinboard was handcrafted from recycled fabrics to make up each state. Now when we peruse those gift shops unless something we need or would like to have in our home catches our eye, we stick to just pins! 

Even if the pins aren’t your style, there are some other unique but small options to collect out there. 

  • You could collect patches for one killer travel-worthy jean jacket. 
  • Postcards, how cute would an array of travel postcards be on a line strung across or in rows! 
  • Hats! Ok, hear me out, many places abroad have unique hats native to that area. These would make for an exciting and unique entryway display!

What is it that you collect for your travels? Check out all the places I got pins from this summer by checking out my Michigan Guide!