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I haven’t written in over a week. Let me say that one more time, I haven’t written for over a week. The reality is that this is because I have spent so much time telling myself that I’m not afraid that I’m ok. The truth is, I’m not scared of this virus. Enough faith and understanding are moving through my veins to leave me without worry about catching a virus that could alter my life. However, I am worried, and I am afraid of the impact this has on the people I love. I am concerned about them.

Just like many of you, my husband faces the potential of losing his job. The story changes every day. Work from home, file unemployment, don’t file unemployment, use vacation instead, your essential, only part of what your doing is critical. The navigation is as confusing as the dialogue.

My mother is still less than a month post-op from a major surgery where they cut into her neck. She’s moving around and doing better, but add that into other pre-existing medical issues, and she’s high risk. Not to mention, my mom and my grandmother live in the same household.

I worry for my best friend as she navigates three little ones at home, her husband being the primary breadwinner, who now faces not having a job. Our church family, especially those who aren’t tech-savvy, who instead have to live in isolation while we try to “flatten the curve.” The list goes on and on.

Beyond those fears, it’s also the meanness that plagues our country. Everyone has an opinion about everyone else. Due to the over activeness of social media, all those options have spoken all the time. What are we doing to each other? Instead of motivating each other, so much time spent tearing each other apart because many people in America are just plain bored. In the end, it’s just hurtful.

So I haven’t written. I have been cautious in voicing an opinion, leaving me silent because there is no right or wrong way to do any of this. Yet, we are all doing it. We all are figuring out how to make it through each day, as we hang on to every word spoken by our governmental leaders. Its a sad time. With my voice, I’ll say this. Love wins. Love ALWAYS wins. A challenge, before you post, remember to love. That’s how we get through this. That’s how we continue.