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218199ea-ebfd-47b9-b00e-c4961f2f132f“That day, I tell myself that even if I am not getting anything in this life, I will go to school. I will finish my primary and secondary and university schooling and become teacher because I don’t just want to be having any kind voice… I want a louding voice.”
― Abi Daré, The Girl with the Louding Voice

We’ve all heard the anecdote girls should be seen and not heard. Many times throughout history, women are expected to succumb to the needs of man right or wrong. This story is a sad one, yet underneath, she is loud, bold, and demands to be heard. What is she shouting about, you ask? Just the ability to go to school and educate herself. Abi Dare takes her readers on a journey through Africa. She steps into the homes of a grieving father, a prearranged marriage to a much older man and his harem, abuse, and an epic escape. The story continues with indentured servitude, and unwavering will power to blossom amidst a storm. I cried a few times in this book, hanging on to every page full of emotion as I read. I was with her through every trial, praying for victory and wondering how many girls are subject to this kind of treatment—sparring a simple financial kindness to an organization dedicated to being a voice for little girls who are silenced. Soak it in, and use the voice you are given.

I give Girl With a Louding Voice 5/5.