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39d8134b-3532-463d-aa5c-2ed0a8f17537“There’s plenty about my life I can’t change. Can’t bring the dead back to life on this earth. Can’t make the world loving and kind. Can’t change myself into a millionaire. But a patch of ground in this trashy lot — I can change that. Can change it big. Better to put my time into that than moaning about the other all day.”
― Paul Fleischman, Seedfolks

An old Romanian woman keeps a keen eye on the neighborhood.

Her glare rests on a young Vietnamese girl squatting in a vacant lot, poking at the ground. What is she doing? Is she planting lima bean seeds?

Next thing you know, the entire community is noticing, and they are all there to plant something, to own a small plot of land, prideful in ownership of such. The little garden spreads and becomes a way for all of these lives to intersect for something honest, something good.

In Seedfolks, a variety of stories are told, each intertwining with one another through the garden. Even more, each story in this short book is heart-wrenching. They each embody pain, loss, and a form of suffering, but that’s not the point. The dirt, seed, and harvest that emerge through are. Seedfolks offers a gentle reminder that no matter what happens in your home, we are all connected by a single thread. The need for community.

I give Seedfolks a 5/5